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Sahebji Sohrabji Is a Hilarious Mess That Leaves You in Splits

Silly Point Productions is back in the comedy business with a brand new play which premiered on Jamshedji Navroze last month. After runs at the NCPA and Royal Opera House, we finally caught the play at St. Andrews Auditorium yesterday. Unlike its previous comedies, this play has been written and directed by Danesh A.R. Khambata, who has previously directed Gandhi – The Musical. Other Silly Point regulars included Danesh IraniPheroza Modi, and Darius Shroff, playing prominent parts. Moving the play to the Bombay suburbs did not hamper the attendance and this one was yet another houseful show. So what is it about Silly Point Productions that makes the Parsi community flock to every part of the city to catch their plays? Read on to find out. 

What’s Sahebji Sohrabji About:

Soli Sohrabji (Danesh Irani) – or Susu, as his wife likes to call him – owns and runs a Parsi café in London. His wife, Banoo (Pheroza Modi), is an aspiring singer, but with a terrible voice. She often sings at the café, which has led to him losing customers. To make up for the losses, Soli – along with his man-servant Arjun (Danesh Khambata) and his neighbor James/Jamshed (Zahan Mehta) – resort to robbing items of value and smuggling them to India. A comedy of errors occurs when Arjun steals the Kohinoor Diamond from England’s most prominent personality and a cat-and-mouse chase that ensues threatens to expose them all.  

Sahebji Sohrabji play review - BookMyShow

What Works:

As mentioned before, this isn’t Danesh Khambata’s directorial debut, but it is the first time we witnessed a comedy written and directed by this funny actor. And he sure does impress! From the start to the end, the performance is full of jokes, which had the audience roaring with laughter. Silly Point Productions is known for its slapstick style of entertainment, and the script gives the actors plenty of scope for physical comedy.

With a huge cast of brilliant actors, it is close to impossible to pick the best among them. The Daneshs are the stars of the show and when they’re on stage together, it is difficult to focus on just one. They have starkly different characters and both leave you in splits – one with his hilarious antics and the other with his equally funny reactions. Darius Shroff is brilliant in his role and Azmin Mistry makes you crack up more than a few times. Pheroza Modi is successful in singing terribly, while Hormuz Ragina surprises with a fantastic version of ‘Dancing Queen’.

What Could’ve Been Better:

This play is for fans of Silly Point Productions. Theatre connoisseurs may argue that SP plays lack novelty but the crowds who attend them love to watch this familiar cast of funny actors perform to their strengths. So if you are one of them, this one is an absolute must-watch.

Why You Should Watch:

Because you have watched a Silly Point Production before and loved it. Because you enjoy watching Danesh Irani bring in his extra dose of ‘Iraniness’. Because you have seen Danesh Khambata play the quintessential Gujarati and laughed till your sides hurt. This play gives you an overdose of comedy and the only side effect is that you won’t stop giggling long after the play is over.  

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