Xpressionz Studios, on a pleasant evening in Bangalore, staged their adaptation of three beautiful Ruskin Bond plays by adding their own twist and masala to them. Adorably amusing, the 60-minute show consisted of adaptations of three short plays, namely Eyes have it AllGirl from Copenhagen, and Night Train at Deoli. Entertaining and full of laughter, with an impeccable comedy timing, all the three plays took the audience into another world.

Shades of Love

What's Shades of Love About: 

This play was a culmination of three short plays, all of which had the same basic storyline. The first adaptation was about a blind man who fell in love with a woman he met on the train but was too late to confess his feelings to her. The second story was about a girl who meets a boy she barely knows at the train station and falls in love with him. The third showed a radio jockey explaining his unique love story on the radio station with a parallel story shown wherein a man becomes nostalgic simply by listening to the radio jockey.

What Works: 

The plays were adorable and amped up the 'aww' factor. The actors were brilliant in their roles and their conviction is one to be praised. They were indeed a delight to watch. With impeccable comedic timing, they played Hindi romantic songs in the background like Pehla Nasha, to which the audience obviously sang along. Everyone in the audience was seen laughing their hearts out at these brilliant adaptations of the classic Ruskin Bond's plays. Saurav Verma and Anuraag Puthige put on a brilliant show with their amazing acting skills. 

What Could've Been Better: 

Few parts of the play did not add up and made less sense. But they did make for good entertainment nevertheless. Three short plays seemed a bit much and at times, it felt dragged despite being shortened according to time restraints.

Why You Should Watch: 

If you are a sucker for romantic comedies, then this is the play for you. With a brilliant team, Xpressionz Studios are ones to watch out for. So we suggest you watch this talented lot in action at the earliest.

Upcoming show:

19th May – Bengaluru.

– Written by Nikita Fernandes.

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