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‘Shadows’ by Daniel Fernandes and How He Came Out Of It

“Life is a tragedy when seen in up-close, but a comedy in long shot.”Charlie Chaplin

This is an apt description of the show ‘Shadows’ – a stand-up comedy special by Daniel Fernandes. You know it is going to be a great show when the comedian decides to write a script documenting the last six years of his life. Shadows is his brand new show on tour across India and beyond.

Shadows by Daniel Fernandes review - BookMyShow


Shadows is starkly different from Daniel Fernandes’ YouTube videos, where the content comes from day-to-day news.  This is a two-hour special of Daniel Fernandes dropping truth bombs. He starts off by highlighting the star of the show – himself. The show is by him, about him, and we fill in with laughter. The comedian takes us through his journey – starting back in 2011, when the stand-up scene was not as hot as it is today. His story, rather his success story, is nothing short of speed bumps, with a lot of content for him to write a show so spectacular. It has elevated him to a whole new level of love, appreciation, and laughter. His content has touched brilliance and the proof was the constant laughter, clapping, hooting, cheers…you get the idea. From opening up about being diagnosed with anxiety disorder to his single relationship status, nothing was spared. The show was one long laugh riot that nobody wanted to end. It was quality, relatable content with super punchlines and unique ‘Daniel Fernandes expressions‘.

The comedian is as funny as he is good-looking. Talking about mental health and leaving you in splits, he will definitely make your therapist look boring and drab. After attending his show, we can safely say that laughter really is the best medicine.


The show was staged at Comedy’s Unofficial National Theatre aka Canvas Laugh Club, Noida. It is situated in DLF Mall of India, Sec-18. The show was accompanied by food and drinks, which you could order before it started. Honestly, you don’t want to miss even a second of the show, so order before. Later, you can burn those calories by laughing to your heart’s content.

Canvas Laugh Club has been a great platform for stand-up talent and has hosted many great comedic talents before. They bring forth only the best of shows. This show, too, is an experience worth having.

You can book your tickets for one of his live show here:

— Vishakha Bhagia

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