The majority says that Bangalore has the calmest weather in all of South India and we as Bangaloreans, experience a balanced amount of heavy rainfall, prickling sunshine and moderately cold temperatures annually, but have we experienced snowfall? Unfortunately, no. The only way we can throw snowballs at each other and make cute snow angels is by visiting Snow City located at Fun World Compound in J.C. Nagar.

Snow City

Apart from having a generous amount of snow to build snowmen and snowballs to toss at unsuspecting visitors, Snow City offers a variety of fun and thrilling attractions such as Toboggan Rides, Snow Rock Climbing, Snow Basketball and many more. There is a dancefloor with bright flashing lights and a DJ playing some fresh tunes for you to show off your moves. The highlight of the venue is a twin slide, where you can slide down a 30 feet slope with your friends for fun or perhaps have a race to the bottom where the loser gets bombarded with snowballs!

From the moment you walk into the lobby, you are treated with utmost hospitality by the staff. You are offered a pair of ski mittens, boots and a jacket to go with that, which are all washed after a single use. Snow City claim that their snow is made of drinking water, which is eco-friendly and edible too! Although, I wouldn’t advise that! The crew takes a complimentary photo which will be given to you during your departure, by which you can seal your memory of an entertaining day in a photo album.

There are 10 sessions in a day starting from 10:15 AM to 8:00 PM with each session spanning 45 minutes, which is pretty overwhelming to those who are unfamiliar with a temperature of -5 degrees. Snow City is best enjoyed with a large group and will, with utmost certainty, leave you tired. No worries, because they have a snow cafe, where you can refill your energy.

Snow City is open on all days and it’s a perfect backdrop for a birthday party or for just an outing with your family and friends. It’s an exhilarating experience that you have to visit at least once!

– Written by Ajay Alford.