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Even if you do not watch ballets or are unfamiliar with the Western classical music, you may have still heard of the masterpiece that is Swan Lake. One of the most popular, beloved and quintessential classics of all time, this ballet was composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in the 19th century. It has gained popularity over time and even today, it is performed in all its glory across the world. Royal Russian Ballet, along with Navrasa Duende, now brings this stunning spectacle to India, with multiple shows in four cities. The Swan Lake Ballet premiered yesterday at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre at NCPA, where it is set to run until the 25th of March. Here’s why you mustn’t miss this beautifully crafted and sensually romantic classic.

What’s The Swan Lake Ballet About:

If you are not accustomed to watching ballets, you might miss the story as it happens. While the text is displayed on screens before the act takes place, you gradually get a sense of where the narrative is heading. Swan Lake essentially is a tragic love story. At his coming-of-age party, Prince Siegfried has to choose a bride for himself. That day, he learns of Swan Lake, where an evil sorcerer has bewitched young women to take the form of swans, only for their true forms to come to life in the night. The Prince sets off in search of this lake, where he comes upon the Swan Queen, Odette. She tells him that the only way to break the sorcerer’s curse is if a man, pure in heart, pledges his love to her. Prince Siegfried promises to marry Odette and invites her to his castle the next day. The sorcerer overhears this and arrives at the palace with his daughter, Odile, disguised as the Swan Queen. The Prince announces his marriage to Odile, which is overheard by Odette and she flees the castle. The Prince goes after her, but their love can only meet a tragic end.

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What Works:

Ballets can only be performed by the most graceful and agile artists. Royal Russian Ballet presents its best dancers for this spectacle, who put up an exquisite show. You cannot help but marvel at the talent of these dancers, who impress with every move. The Swan Queen, played by Olga Kafiak, leaves us stunned with her mesmerizing pirouettes. Her scenes with Prince Siegfried (played by Mikhail Tkachuk) steal the show. Even the performances of the swans were a sight to behold. Every act inspires the audience to break into applause (which is perfectly fine at a ballet as compared to an opera) and the standing ovation at the end is an ode to the dancers’ efforts.

Tchaikovsky’s music sets the right mood for this tragic story, which has slightly strayed from the original narrative. We would not like to say more at this point at the risk of spoiling the show, but even if you have seen The Swan Lake Ballet in the past, you might be pleasantly surprised with the twist at the end of this version.

What To Keep In Mind:

Ballets are not plays. They are performed by dancers, not actors. Attend this one solely with the intention of appreciating this unique art form and you will be mesmerized. The Swan Lake Ballet is different than most things you may have attended. It has been performed elegantly and can very well leave you overwhelmed.

Why You Should Watch:

It is time for India to explore new art forms and expand our cultural acumen. The multi-city tour of one of the most famous ballets of all time is the perfect opportunity to be introduced to this art. If you have already seen Swan Lake, do catch this mesmerizing performance by Royal Russian Ballet while it is being performed in your city. It is the perfect treat for your senses and will be an evening to remember.

First-time goers can read our ballet guide here before booking for Swan Lake Ballet.

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