Anirban Dasgupta

Take It Easy With Anirban Dasgupta As He Tries to be Serious

Comedy is just a funny way of looking at life’s serious problems and Anirban Dasgupta has the skill of making people laugh while ‘trying’ to be serious! His comedy revolves around his experiences from his hometown, corporate life, inter-community marriage and of course, politics. 

Anirban Dasgupta


In spite of being held on a weekday, there was an unexpected turnout of the audience. The hall was cozily packed with an audience who were eager to take some time off their busy, maybe corporate, schedules to spend a night of fun, laughter, and drama. This event was hosted by Neelaksh Mathur who warmed up the audience with jokes in his connection with the RSS and how he disappointed his parents by becoming a stand-up comedian instead of an engineer, an expectation that is not uncommon in India. After a couple of minutes of uncut, uncensored humor, Neelaksh welcomed the MVP of the night Anirban on to the stage.

The main event started pretty late and the audience got their fill of good food and a couple of drinks. Anirban’s material for the night revolved around the Indian constitution and how its known for being the largest one but not for being the most criticized one. He also talks about one of his videos on YouTube which got taken down for being a “Criminal Conspiracy” which seemed ridiculous to him. So he looks up ‘Freedom of Speech’ and shares his view on how a basic right such as freedom has eight absurd exceptions to it.

He then talks about how Bengalis still believe that Subash Chandrabose will return one day. If you don’t believe in this, then you will be labeled as a bokach*da which literally means a fool, which he is to the people of Bengal. His jokes take an unexpected turn when he talks about his mother who is keen on him having a child so that she can have a second go at raising a child cause the first one clearly hasn’t turned out to be a “doctor or an engineer“.


The event was held at That Comedy Club at Sherlock’s pub, Koramangala, which is the center of art and culture in Bangalore. The event was well organized and the audience were ushered to their seats with no hint of hassle or confusion. Food and drinks were served right at your seats, which was a good thing and the audience’s spirits lifted and we all engaged in an active participation.

The focus of this event has always been about comedy. That Comedy Club has a line-up of comedians who will be performing this entire month, so make sure you book your tickets right here.

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– Written by Ajay Alford.