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The Gentlemen’s Club AKA Tape – Anything But A Drag 

Presented by Culture Shoq and staged at The Cuckoo Club, The Gentlemen’s Club AKA Tape has been devised by Puja Sarup, Sheena Khalid, Rachel D’souza, and Vikram Phukan, with choreography by Amey Mehta. The show is all about drag kings and all that goes on in their lives.

What’s The Gentlemen’s Club About:

Set in the underground club scene of Mumbai, The Gentlemen’s Club explores the world of drag kings – women who dress up as men. The audience is in on the illusion, and they embrace the world that gives you the license to be whoever you want. The main act is by Roxy who gives homage to Shammi Kapoor with a performance featuring some of his most memorable hits. There is also a tribute by Alex to Justin Timberlake with all of JT’s signature style. With a host of other lively characters also involved in the drag scene such as Chotta King, Mister 55, Harpal Singh, Begum Fida and more, The Gentlemen’s Club explores every side of masculinity mixed with some fabulous performances.

What Works:

The Gentlemen’s Club is entertaining from start to finish. There are performances that make you feel like you are at the titular club, including some clever audience interaction by the performers. Puja Sarup and Sheena Khalid who play Roxy and Alex respectively are the heart of the show as they show the nuances of the drag kings, both on and off the stage. At other times, it goes on to show what happens behind the scenes. There is music, dance, comedy, and even some serious moments – it’s the complete package.

What Could Have Been Better:

When the very first show of the play ends with an extended applause from the audience and a standing ovation, you know that there isn’t much that could have been accomplished. 

Why You Should Watch This Play:

The Gentlemen’s Club is an unconventional play that goes beyond what you would expect to see in a play. From its topic to its execution, it is a fresh play that will keep you engaged throughout.

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