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The Relationship Agreement Is A Humorous Take On Modern Relationships

The Silly Point Productions is known for its comedy plays. They provide the perfect entertainment for those South Bombay folks who wish to spend their Saturday or Sunday evenings at the NCPA for a healthy dose of laughter. This week, we got to catch The Relationship Agreement – a long-running play starring Sumona Chakravarti – for the second time, at The Royal Opera House. This new venue is certainly gaining popularity and it isn’t the first time that Silly Point Productions is performing there. With a gorgeous hall full of beautiful murals, the venue stays true to its name. And staging highly entertaining plays is certainly one of the perks of visiting this monument.

What’s The Relationship Agreement About:

Sumona Chakravarti and Sajeel Parakh’s characters are in a steady relationship, despite their starkly opposite personalities. Sumona is more type-A – controlling, pragmatic, and organized – while Sajeel is a fun-loving, emotionally-driven, laid-back guy. But opposites attract and this couple has made it work overtime, after an awkward meeting and a tumultuous first date. Trouble starts to brew when Sajeel’s father (Darius Shroff) and Sumona’s mother (Pheroza Mody) befriend each other on Facebook and start dating too. Things take a toll on Sumona. She drafts a relationship agreement, which includes the terms of Sajeel and her relationship. The parents get involved, resulting in consequences for both couples and pure entertainment for the audience.

The Relationship Agreement play review - BookMyShow

What Works:

As always, writer and director Meherzad Patel is spot-on with his casting. Even with a cast of only four actors, each character provides enough entertainment for the whole 90 minutes. Darius Shroff was certainly our favorite, as the rich, flirtatious solicitor. He was well-paired with Pheroza Mody, whose relationship with her daughter was reminiscent of every mother-daughter relationship. Sumona Chakravarti and Sajeel Parakh were also highly entertaining in their roles, but it was Sajeel’s monologue that stole the show completely. After watching many of Meherzad’s plays, we can assert that the monologue is his finest piece of writing.

What Could Have Been Better:

Any play by the Silly Point Productions has its share of PJs. If you do not enjoy them, you will find yourself rolling your eyes at various instances. But Meherzad Patel’s plays are for those who wish to let go of inhibitions and enjoy some relatable laughter.

Why You Should Watch:

If you enjoy watching plays by the Silly Point Productions, don’t miss this one. It’s funny, highly relevant for couples, and can even be enjoyed by those who are single. Just grab your BFF and catch this play the next time it is being staged in the city.

Upcoming shows:

6th May.

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