Beware! Ugesh Sarcar Can Read Your Thoughts

Your Mind is Mine is a long-running show by ace mentalist Ugesh Sarcar. The man has entertained crowds across the country and has even worked with Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan for Don 2 and Guzaarish respectively. Held at the Manik Sabhagriha Auditorium, Bandra, Your Mind is Mine was a 90-minute show that featured some mind-boggling tricks. 

Ugesh Sarcar began by saying how the entire audience was under his influence even though a few refused to believe him. Well, they soon had to change their opinion when Sarcar correctly guessed the random words written by a member of the audience. He used different approaches to find out each word (revealing them would take away the fun of watching it live).

Next, he got people to hand over money to a girl in the audience and correctly guessed the details about them without even touching the envelope in which they were placed in. His method was intriguing and complex.

ugesh sarcarThe best part of the show was when Sarcar blindfolded himself and started to talk about people in the audience. He shared details about them that there was no chance he would have known. Scary, isn't it? All of this unfolded as Ugesh reiterated that no research had been conducted on any of the attendees.

Your Mind is Mine concluded by a master act. Throughout the show, there was a scroll hidden in a box and the contents were revealed at the end (this one will shock you). Sarcar got into our minds right at the beginning of the evening and we had absolutely no clue. There were many more illusions in the show but you have to see them to believe them. Your Mind is Mine will be held again soon so keep checking our events page to get more updates.