If you’ve ever considered someone undateable, you probably haven’t met Andy Reghu, Pavitra Shetty, and Sriram Padmanabhan yet. In one of the stand-up specials by Chalta Hai Comedy, these three comedians come together to tell you exactly why they are undateable. Can you imagine what kind of show that would be? Yes, you guessed it right – absolutely hilarious. Staying true to the title of the show, all the three comedians are currently not in a relationship and after the watching the show you will stop wondering why. 

The Act:

The show was hosted by Punit Pania who is essentially undateable right now because, well, he is married. He begins the shows with the usual introductions to the first row seaters and goes on to get us warmed up for Sriram Padmanabhan. Sriram has recently broken up with his girlfriend and then he goes on to describe why he is unsuitable for another one. This involves funny anecdotes from his life. The next act is by Andy Reghu and he speeds up things in his own way leaving us laughing loud enough to drown his constant onslaught of jokes.
After a short break enters Pavitra Shetty and act
that has its unique character. There is not a single moment when you are not smiling. She sings (showing off her singing prowess) and dances (she always wanted to be a bar dancer, she says) and delivers a power-packed performance. Once the show is over, the audience by the show of applause is asked to pick the most undateable of them all. There are also some special gifts for some of the singles in the audience.

The venue:

This performance of Undateable was at Canvas Laugh Club. Once you are inside the venue, there is no doubt as to why it is considered the unofficial capital of comedy. With theatre-style seating and some delicious drinks and snacks while you laugh your heart out is certainly one of the best ways to spend the evening.

Upcoming Shows:

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