Vijay Yadav – Passively Aggressive and Aggressively Funny

Passive aggression is generally seen on Facebook and it is preceded by Twitter, but Vijay Yadav has taken it to an extent that it has turned into his content of stand-up comedy. His Twitter bio says that a girl once told him that he was funny and he took it quite seriously. To know whether she was right, we went to one of his comedy shows. As it turns out, she indeed was.  

The Act:

The hilarious show was hosted by Punit Pania who is known to interact with the crowd, only to let them know where they belong. He called in two opening acts for a warm-up session before the main act. One spoke about his police officer daddy and the second about his holidays with his girlfriend. The crowd laughing hard at their jokes were only getting ready for the main man of the night – Vijay Yadav.

Overwhelmed by the crowd, Yadav didn’t bully the audience much, except the kam height wala banda and few others. He started out by talking about himself like how he is from Haryana and how he came to do comedy. And why not? Stand-up comedy can give you Mondays off and sometimes the entire week, and in some cases, an entire career. Jokes apart, Yadav’s ethnicity is evident when he opens his mouth (this was mentioned by him in reference to his accent).

Vijay Yadav has a full-proof formula to make people laugh. His jokes revolve a lot around poop, fart, and potty. Or they will be about a situation that can be referred to as tatti, or a person who can be compared to the same. So here is the warning, do not eat when he is on stage. Doing so may result in a loss of appetite or choking on your own food, or worse, puking.

Yadav is effortless with his jokes. If you dig Hindi comedy then he can prove to be a refreshing entry to your watchlist. His jokes mainly surround Haryana, Haryanvis, his friends, and family. He stereotypes them like a pro. Observational comedy is always fun because you relate to it. And don’t worry, he has promised not to threaten anyone this time.

The Venue:

Independence Brewing Company is a cool place situated in the most happening lanes of Andheri. A pub brewery fostering the global craft brew experience, they offer a comprehensive variety of gourmet and craft beers. The beer enthusiasts can choose from the numerous premium hand-crafted brews and while enjoying the cool & laid back ambiance.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Going to the Show:

Do not eat or drink while he is talking, because his jokes are grossly funny and will make you snort.
Be prepared to get riffed off by a passive-aggressive comedian who clearly has no chill and might make people laugh by offending you.

So stay calm and passively aggressive and book for his upcoming shows below.