Do you agree that life is filled with problems? Well, here’s some news for you – It Gets Worse. That’s what Vikramjit Singh’s trial solo comedy show was all about. Except for the fact that the show’s name remains a misnomer once the show ends. His show is all about how humor can improve any situation in life.

The Act:

The event began with host Shreemayee Das setting the stage with her hilarious take on online dating and how she ends up finding the same bunch of people on all dating portals. The laughter gas levels in the room gradually soared following acts by Rueben Kaduskar and Shashwat Maheshwari. The stage was then set for the man who laughed the most during the opening acts – Vikramjit Singh. His one-hour trial show begins with his humorous take on how being in one’s 30s could mean saying hello to aging aka “being like dad”. He talks about his love affair with food which everyone who loves food could totally relate to. Yeah, that means all of us. He also talks about everything from girls getting irritated when they see other girls wearing the same dress to being broke amidst rich friends. His only ‘sardar’ joke got the audience rolling on the floor with laughter. By the end of his one-hour show, we realized that Vikramjit Singh has an uncanny ability to generate humor out of everyday situations. The way he finds himself in seemingly normal situations and his witty observations about the situation can make anyone laugh. It does get better, ironically.

The Venue:

The Square is a cozy venue at Powai, which hosts a whole gamut of open-mic nights. Attending an event at The Square means that you could be one of the first people to cheer for the upcoming acts in the city. While you are there, grab some snacks before the show begins and enjoy your stand-up act to the fullest!


– Written by Varsha Pillai.