If you are an ardent fan of TVF’s Humorously Yours series and follow it religiously, Vipul Goyal needs no introduction and for those of you who don’t know about this funny guy, it’s time you update yourself about him. An electrical engineer from IIT Bombay, Vipul realized in his third year of college that working around with circuit boards wasn’t his thing. He soon recognized that his talents lay in “H.R. (Humor Resources)”. He is now one of the best stand-up comedians in town and is extremely good at his job of making people laugh. Being a fan of the show myself, it was obvious that I jumped at the opportunity of reviewing this stand-up event and believe me it was all worth it.

Vipul Goyal Event Review - BookMyShow

The Humorously Yours Tour – Vipul Goyal Live was held at Bal Gandharva Rang Auditorium in Bandra and the show was almost house-full with mainly youngsters. It seemed to be the perfect way to spend a Sunday night especially when you know you it’s a long weekend and you don’t have to wake up early the next day.

The show started with an opening act by Piyush Sharma who also features in the series and it was a great start to the evening. He may look like a timid and shy young boy but once he has the mike in his hands and he starts off with his performance there’s no stopping him. His jokes were relatable and that’s what I loved the most about them. It may sound a little cliché but there couldn’t have been a better opening act than this one.

Vipul Goyal Event Review- BookMyShow

Piyush entertained the crowd for less than half an hour and time just flew by. Next up, the hero of the evening, Vipul Goyal walked on to the stage and he was welcomed with a huge round of applause by the audience. Vipul’s jokes and one-liners were an awesome mix of real and relatable instances from his general lifestyle, a lot of which was rooted from a middle-class upbringing which almost all of us could easily relate to.  What I really liked about the entire act was that it was more of clean comedy and could be enjoyed thoroughly by people of all ages. So do not hesitate bringing along your parents the next time.

Before we even knew it, the show came to an end after Vipul successfully and single-handedly gripped the audience with his comedy. Before he could wind up he also gave us an experience of an open mic act full of untested jokes (just like his web-series) which he confessed may or may not work.  The night ended with fans asking him questions about the upcoming series as well as about Vipul’s real life experiences. And of course, no one was ready to leave the venue without watching the Ranjit Walia act and the famous and funny  Kashmir act, so he willingly performed them both and left us all with a wide smile on our faces.

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