Vivaan Shah in Anand Express – An Emotional Roller Coaster

Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin Shah are no newcomers in the field of acting. While one is a popular television face, Maya Sarabhai, the other is known to be one of the finest actors of Bollywood. It wasn't surprising that the offspring of this talented couple, Vivaan, would also take up acting. With the bar set so high in the family, the question was "Would he be just as good?". Anand Express is a good way to know the answer to that question.

Produced by Rage, Anand Express is one of the plays presented by Aadyam starring four boys Vivaan Shah, Chaitnya Sharma, Siddharth Kumar, Sukant Goel in the roles of Niraj, Wasim, Anand and Kenny.

A neatly set up stage and an almost full auditorium, I was already impressed. The 90 min long play at about 7.45 showing the death of one of the members of the group, Anand. Since it was Anand's dream to go to Anand, the trio decides to take his ashes to Anand as his last wish. From stealing the ashes to performing the last rituals is what the story is all about. Not to forget the unexpected plot twists and the introduction of many more characters enacted all among the four boys.

While the story may not be extraordinary, it was the way it was executed that the audience loved. A cube and only a cube as a set up on the stage was used to show all the locations and it was conveyed without any difficulty.

Lastly, the boys did a wonderful job with their acting. A few glitches here and there were wonderfully covered. Do watch out for this play in your city!

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