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Be a Juror in This Sensational Trial on Stage

The bilingual play The Woman on Trial is based one of the most popular Ayn Rand novels – The Night of January 16th. The play is a tight courtroom drama with a unique feature – the play is interactive and the audience can contribute towards the end. The Woman On Trial raises challenging questions such as what is wrong and right, good and bad, and is it okay to be prejudiced against people who are different than us. The play claims that the verdict is bound to haunt you for days and it may just.

The Woman of Trial - BookMyShow Blog

What's The Woman On Trial About

A few randomly chosen members of the audience form a jury and will have to vote whether or not the defendant is guilty towards the end of the play. The case then begins to unfold on the stage right from the first scene. An ambitious, modern working-class girl with what most might consider a questionable ethical behavior, Karen Andre, is being accused of the murder of her flamboyant, rich boss and her lover – Feroz Lakdawala. Feroz does not mind bending a few rules in order to be successful. Karen is his partner in crime and disregards the “moral code” set by the society in order to help her boss. A lot of hard work and a few dirty dealings later, they both taste phenomenal success. And then Feroz Lakdawala is reported to have been thrown from a high-rise and all things point to murder but it could very well be a suicide. Karen goes on a trial on the stage, with no flashbacks or black-and-white facts. With so many facts being twisted and many characters telling their versions of the story based on their prejudices, it would seem that the real story will never be out. All the members of the audience have to depend upon the various testimonies and make their own judgments.

What works:

The play is fast-paced and the writing is crisp. The concept is so novel that one must check it out just for that. Apart from the that, the whole cast seems to know their roles so well that they are on point while interacting with each other on stage. The thriller and drama quotient is just what's needed and keeps you engaged at all times. Laura Mishra, who plays the role of Karen and is also the director, is brilliant! When one actor is on the witness stand, giving their testimony, the others on the stage are still in their full element. This attention to detail makes the whole thing real and more enjoyable. All the cast members are skilled and they all do their bit perfectly. By the time the play is close to the end, the audience is so invested in the trial, they will find themselves rife with anticipation. Apart from the entertainment value, the play is also thought to provoke and speaks openly of things like prejudices against people, especially women, who are different than oneself. As a juror, it all boils down to you and how you perceive this woman on trial. 

What Could Have Been Better:

The play seemed to end a bit abruptly. After being so invested in the verdict, the audience may crave a little more discussion about the outcome. While it may be categorized as a bit more dramatic than a real courtroom scenario, the element of drama makes it more riveting.

Why You Should Watch This Play:

Watch The Woman On Trial for the great story, adapted from the popular Ayn Rand's novel The Night Of January 16th. The format of the play is unique and interesting. The performances are superb and the overall energy of the play keeps you hooked. Make sure you book for the next time this play is staged in your city.

Upcoming show:
24th May – Mumbai.

Disclaimer: If the dates for this event have expired, it means that there are no upcoming shows for the same. Dates will be updated once new shows are scheduled by the organizer. Keep checking this space for more.