World on a Plate Season 2 Review

World on a Plate Season 2 took place in Bengaluru on June 3 and the event was held in Mumbai the very next day. The first season of this grand culinary experience was a huge success as world-renowned chefs made their way to India. WOAP Season 2 was no different. Ranveer Brar, Gary Mehigan, Adriano Zumbo, Janice Wong, and Elena Duggan were are a part of the full-day event. Each of them held a masterclass and here are the highlights from the three of them. 

Ranveer Brar

ranveer brar woapYou’d expect him to show some desi dish but instead, he displayed his skills with a cured salmon and jamun. Served with quail eggs, pickled onions and litchis, this dish not only looked stunning but was absolutely delicious. Brar loves to use local ingredients so he chose the jamun which is a seasonal fruit. He also said that the dish could be made with other fish like rawas.

Elena Duggan 

ellena woap

The winner of Masterchef Australia Season 8 was a delight to watch. She not only interacted with the audience by also called one of them to assist her in cooking. The dish she prepared was a quinoa salad and pan-seared red snapper. Topped with a mango sauce, it tasted amazing. 

Gary Mehigan

gary woap

His entry met with the loudest cheer and Gary Mehigan surely knows how to entertain a crowd.  The Masterchef judge cracked jokes about Mumbai and his TV show, leaving the audience in splits. Unfortunately, people didn't get to taste the chocolate mouse and fish dish that he made. 

Besides the masterclasses, the attendees could also grab food from the various stalls. Eateries like Olive Bar and Kitchen, Estella, Kofuku, JW Cafe, SodaBottleOpenerWala, The Rolling Pin and The Cupcake Factory had counters set up. Drinks were available too and the whole vibe was very chilled out and relaxing. World on a Plate is clearly a food-based event unlike any other. It will most likely take place next year but keep an eye on the events page to know whether WOAP is returning sooner than you expect.