Who says you have to step out of your home to up your fitness game? Get the summer bod you’ve been dying to have with these online fitness classes.

Hip Hop Classes Online

Dance your way to fitness and have a blast doing it as you learn the foundations of hip hop.
When: Until Monday, June 29 at 5pm

Yoga Classes Online

If you’re craving a balance between body and mind, then yoga is just what you need.
When: Until Monday, June 29 at 6pm

Kalari Classes Online

Master the ancient Indian martial art from Kerala, Kalaraipayattu. It will strengthen not only your body, but also your mind and improve your overall coordination.
When: Until Sunday, June 28 at 5pm

X60CrossFit LIVE

CrossFit is easily one of the best ways to stay fit and fabulous. Improve your strength and conditioning at home with workouts designed to push and challenge your body.
When: Monday, June 1 to Monday, June 22 at 5pm and 7pm

Belly Dance Beginner Class

Dancing is such a fun way to burn calories! Learn how to shake your hips like Shakira and score a fabulous summer body while you’re at it.
When: Saturday, June 6 to Saturday, June 27 at 5pm