All Gaurav Kapoor has to do is open his mouth to get the audience doubled over with laughter. It doesn’t matter if the punch line is a mite weak. Every line the comedian utters is met with hoots and claps. This was the scene at his show Dilli 18 at Rangsharda auditorium in Bandra on Sunday, December 8.

Kapoor drew attention when he opened for Russell Brand during the British comedian’s show in Delhi during his India tour in 2015. He then got infamous for his Royal Enfield joke which went viral on social media. A native of Faridabad, Kapoor speaks in Hindi and makes much fun of his UP brethren. Here lies his appeal. The stories he tells are recognisable and stretched just the right amount to be hilarious.

In his new stand-up special, Dilli 18, Kapoor discusses a range of topics ranging from how the loofah has changed the way we bathe to how parents never seem to suffer from hangovers to the pitfalls of watching movies in Uttar Pradesh.

Indians make for terrible air travellers
Kapoor told us about the time his fellow passenger booked an Uber cab from a flight landing in Delhi. He then went on to narrate how Indians never wait for instructions to switch on their phones post-flight and do so mid-flight itself. They also do not follow other safety instructions such as fastening their seat belts. He then recounted another flight he was on and hilariously recounted how his co-passengers behaved badly by complaining incessantly about the in-flight amenities. Kapoor concluded that Indians would benefit by having motherly figures, such as Air India pursers, to discipline passengers.

Sanjeev Kapoor was the ultimate pin-up for aunties in ’90s 
In the 1990s, if there was one man who collectively fired the imaginations of all Indian housewives, it was, according to Kapoor, celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor with his show Khana Khazana. The man made cooking sexy.

Watching a movie in Uttar Pradesh should never be on your to-do list
Kapoor confessed that one of his life’s regrets is watching the movie Omkara in a theatre in Uttar Pradesh. The audience treats the film-watching experience as an interactive process, find it tedious to stick to seats they’d been allotted and prefers dal chawal over popcorn.

Faridabad fails to get an Amsterdam style makeover
Kapoor recently went on a European vacation and was especially impressed by the respect given to pedestrians in Amsterdam. He decided that as a responsible citizen, he would ensure that Faridabad goes the Amsterdam route. The plan backfired big time.

Women are goddesses because they thread their eyebrows
Kapoor dropped an “I may be from Delhi but I respect women” statement that ended with  “because they thread their eyebrows.” He said he was once coerced into getting his eyebrows done in an effort to “become sundar”. That incident affirmed that women are the superior species because they willingly bear the pain.

Gaurav Kapoor will perform Dilli 18 across the country this December.