Mumbai rains have lost their plot, undoubtedly. Mumbai’s weather is almost like a woman’s mood and this coming from a woman, says a lot. So on a rainy Sunday evening in October with nothing but the Monday blues drawing in, I thought of making myself feel a little lighter and have some fun. And what better than some stand-up comedy. Put together by the folks at Brown Bread Collective, Half Baked by Aakash Mehta was the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening. It’s a stand-up trial show by the now famous YouTube comedian. A laughter riot of one hour and few minutes, the performance was fabulously and single-handedly carried on by Aakash (check out one of his best performances below).
The show started with Reuben from Brown Bread Collective (the organizers) warming up the audience with some of his life stories which were hilarious to say the least. Soon enough the main act of the evening kicked off with Aakash being welcomed on the stage with a huge round of applause.

Half Baked Review - BookMyShow

The twist in the show was brought about by Aakash taking us through his life through a story and some music. With extremely relatable & humorous comedy and as the name suggests some kickass pot jokes, he successfully kept us hooked on till the end of the show. Although, they said it was a trial show, the jokes were witty and extremely entertaining. It’s his seventh year in the comedy scene and the guy definitely has the talent to make you fall off your seats laughing aloud.

So we are saying, if you haven’t checked him out yet, you can always do so on his YouTube channel and do watch this space for his upcoming acts to catch him perform live.