With the recent craze of stand-ups, more and more people are speaking about anecdotes and personal thoughts in a novel form of entertainment. LGBTQ issues still aren't openly discussed in India, much less in stand-up comedy. Navin Noronha and Nick Pillow are here with Homos Odyssey to prove that even if some might not discuss it, it can still be outrageously funny.  

Staged last Saturday at Brewbot, Homos Odyssey was presented by the alternative entertainment company, Culture Shoq. The show was a mix of traditional stand-up comedy and short sketches on different topics, which is already different from what you see in most stand-up comedy shows.  If you've been curious about the lives of gay men in India, Homos Odyssey was an informal crash course in everything you needed to know (and probably more). Jeeya Sethi was the host of the evening for Homos Odyssey. She opened with a few hilarious lines that put the audience at ease. 

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The first stand-up act was by Nick Pillow, who's a British guy who's moved to India and now teaches theater by day and entertains people by night. He talked about everything about traveling in Mumbai to the reason he prefers India (and Indian men). Pillow also delved into physical comedy – at one point drinking beer in a way that you wouldn't have seen before and most likely wouldn't ever see again. 

Navin Noronha is well-known in the stand-up comedy world and he provided all the laughs that you would have expected. He talked about coming out and his dating adventures. Navin also confessed taking up engineering for a reason that straight men would consider a reason not to go into the field. Navin also brought up the concept of a token gay friend that girls love to have. 

There was no topic off-limits at this stand-up show and the comedians weren't afraid to go into territory that anyone else would be too embarrassed to talk about. While dating gay men is not an experience many might have had, their bits on relationships would be relatable to anyone who's a part of the dating scene. 

One thing's for sure – Homos Odyssey is a show that doesn't discriminate when it comes to making you laugh. If you're an open minded individual who can appreciate a good joke, you are sure to have a blast. 

If you missed out on this edition of Homos Odyssey, make sure you keep a lookout on BookMyShow for the next one.