People say marriage takes the humor out of a human. Amit Tandon, popularly known as the married guy of the stand-up comedy circuit, has time and again proved this wrong. It only happens when you don’t know how to make things funny. After 700 shows globally, Amit is on his Bharat tour and is honestly talking about stuff that will tickle your funny bone.

Powered by Punchliners, the Mumbai edition of Amit Tandon’s tour was at the St. Andrew’s Auditorium, Bandra. The show was jam-packed with both kinds of people – married and unmarried. Obviously, counting the number of people wasn’t possible but to give you an idea – whenever the whole lot laughed it was so loud I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts.

The opening act was by Nitin Mirani, an Indian Middle-Eastern International comedian. Nitin was here to prepare us for the laughathon that we paid for. He is a Sindhi. No, that was not it. His act also included some Dubai jokes, why and how Jio was launched and yes, Sindhi jokes.

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There are a lot of expectations from a married guy (not specifically on the comedy circuit but even otherwise), so Amit was also expected to be phenomenally funny. Which he was. His jokes included real and relatable instances from his general lifestyle and very generic first world issues. He spoke about eating out with his wife and kids and parents. Amit is a family guy and his humor is free of double meanings (so that the middle-aged people at least get the joke) and adult humor, so you can take your parents, grandparents, and kids with you to his show as well.

He is funny and it is okay for the audience to expect more out of him which is exactly what happened at the venue on Saturday. He said thank you after his act and got off the stage. The audience, however, couldn’t get enough of him and didn’t move from their seats thinking this was just a break and he would come back in a few minutes. Amit being a humble artist came back and delivered another punch to call off for the day, for the second time. That is a sweet gesture from an artist who has an auditorium full for a stand-up comedy show. It also somehow reveals why the show was houseful.

Stand-up shows are great fun and every comedian has his/her own USP. Amit Tandon stands apart because of being funny with a U/A certificate.

What can you expect from the show:
– An hour of non-stop punches based on instances from a typical married life that Amit is a part of.
– No adult humor.

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