SANAM – even the name brings a huge smile to our faces. At least it does to mine. Formerly known as the SQS, this Indian pop/rock band that has over two million subscribers on YouTube comprises of four members, brothers, Sanam and Samar Puri, Keshav Dhanraj and Venky S. I have been following the band for a long time now and I'm quite a fan of not just their renditions but their original songs as well. After doing many concerts internationally, I was beyond excited to know the band is finally having a concert in Mumbai and of course, super thrilled to check it out. Here's a short review of what the event was like.

Hosted by Hungama Musitronix, the event was held at the Dublin Square, Pheonix Marketcity, Kurla on the 27th of May, 7pm onward. A special act by Euphony Official from the Dil Hai Hindustani fame was lined up too. The show started at about 7.30 with RJ Urmin (popularly known as Mumbai Chi Mulgi Urmin) hosting the show and calling on stage Euphony Official, who are known for their fusion of songs and beatboxing. Being a special act, the band performed only for 30 mins but they made sure they covered all their popular songs from Jiya Jale to Tu Aashqui Hai, leaving the audience wanting more.

At about 8.10, a three minute timer with the best videos of the band Sanam was set which would eventually lead to their entry and start the live performance. I have to agree I was more than impressed to see the way they created anticipation. With every video the crowd went crazier and so did I and at the end of the timer entered the #Fab4 (as they are called) with one of their most popular song Ishtyle going into Gulabi Aankhein, yet another favourite. Song after song, for the next two hours, the cheers grew louder as the vocalist Sanam rocked the stage with songs from the golden era like Aap Ki Nazaroin Ne Samjha, Mere Mehboob Qaymat Hogi, O mere Dil Ke Chain and Wada Raha to songs of the current era like Zaalima, Channa Mereya, Bulleya and Tamma Tamma with a special segment of songs that carried the word Sanam in it. They played their original compositions every now and then; and oh did we forget Punjabi? That was a segment too. An on-and-off interaction with the crowd was a good idea to keep the audience pepped up. Not to forget, Samar's guitar, Venky on bass and Keshav on the drums only added to the magic. A special mention to the song Hai Apna Dil Toh Awaara, which was beautifully done. Two hours passed by too quickly and as the show came to an end, but not without a special surprise by Keshav of flinging a few autographed drum sticks for the audience.

 The show ended with a meet-and-greet session with the band which was open only to a lucky few and I was quite fortunate to be one of those, thanks to the their manager Ben Thomas who was extremely cooperative. Not just that, even the band was extremely humble and interactive which made my evening go from great to fabulous. Over all, the concert was a hit. Sanam and Euphony, keep up the good work!

P.S- Here's my fan girl moment with the band, SANAM.