It's not every day that you can go see an opera in Mumbai, and one sung in original Italian at that. But this weekend, an opera was performed in full splendor and it was as glorious as any you'd see in Venice. After a long break of over two decades, the stunning venue of Royal Opera House opened its doors to a  staging of an opera production – Il Matrimonio Segreto by Giving Voice Society. 

Il Matrimonio Segreto review at Royal Opera House - BookMyShow

This was the third operatic production put up by the Giving Voice Society, who frequently have courses for western classical singing. Players from Symphony Orchestra of India played the music conducted masterfully by Maria Badstue. Directed by Rehaan Engineer, Il Matrimonio Segreto also boasted an all-Indian cast, which made the performance all the more special to behold. All the voices combined in a melodious harmony, which was breathtaking to experience live.

The opera, Il Matrimonio Segreto, which translates to The Secret Marriage was written in the 18th century by Domenico Cimarosa. A comedy in two acts and it's still as funny as the day it was first written. It follows Carolina and Paolino who are recently married in secret as they're afraid Carolina's father, Geronimo, who Paolino works for, might not accept their love. Meanwhile, Carolina's sister, Elisetta, is engaged to be married to a Count and Geronimo's sister, Fidalma, also has her heart set on someone. What follows is a hilarious comedy of misunderstandings and a love polygon that seems to develop a new side just when you think you've finally caught up.  

Not speaking Italian was also not a hindrance to enjoying it as there were English subtitles displayed overhead. But whether or not you understood the language, the emotions conveyed through the strong voices of the singers was a display of the fact that music really can transcend languages. The seats were packed and the audiences loved every moment of the opera. There were chuckles throughout and Il Matrimonio Segreto ended with a resounding round of applause from all in attendance. 

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