From Onstage to Onscreen

After 91 shows in 16 cities, Siddharth Kumar‘s hit play, The Interview, is on screen.

The Interview
is the story of a young man (Karan Pandit), who goes to a large corporation for an interview. Though he is nervous, the candidate still feels fairly confident about the interview… until he realizes that this isn’t a conventional question-and-answer session.

Before the interview even formally begins, the candidate is grilled about the reason behind his choice of beverage. The interviewer (Kashin Shetty) then proceeds to hook him up to a lie detector and ask invasive (and irrelevant) questions about his life and relationships. He also has some help from Keith (Tariq Vasudeva), a short-tempered and insecure marketing executive.

The Interview is a delightfully witty play, the first-half of which is a laugh riot. The interaction between the interviewer and the interviewee is peppered with witty one-liners that are bound to make you smile. In the second-half, the play takes a much darker turn. It takes on darker topics; including (but not limited to) extra-marital affairs, competitiveness and even murder! Inspite of the drastic shift in tonality, the play flows seamlessly and retains its sense of humor.

Karan Pandit is remarkable as the unnamed interviewee. He starts off as a nervous young man, who is all set to impress his potential employer. The quest to please him involves fulfilling unreasonable requests and answering highly invasive questions. In the course of the play, his dark side is slowly unveiled through power play and dynamic shifts. All the different sides of the character are expertly portrayed by Pandit, who makes you root for his character.

Kashin Shetty is also noteworthy as the interviewer from hell. His performance is humorous yet sinister, making it a delight to watch. Tariq Vasudeva also manages to strike this balance. In fact, every scene with Keith, irrespective of the context, will make you chuckle.

However, the real star of this Cineplay is the cinematography. Every scene is shot in a way that optimizes the viewing experience. It gives you the best possible view of every scene, something that might not have been possible on the stage. The close-ups, focus shifts and lighting of the Cineplay take an already stellar script to a whole new level. Viewers can even see beads of sweat on the characters’ faces, making the scenes much more authentic.

The music, crisp dialogues, memorable performances and beautiful camerawork all come together to form The Interview. As a Cineplay, The Interview brings together the best parts of the stage and the screen, making for a unique and enjoyable experience.

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