Stand-up comedy seems to be the new and hyped entry to the “weekend scenes” for every age group these days. To check out the relevance, a BookMyShow reviewer (yaani main) went to one of the hyped comedy specials – Kal Main Udega featuring Rahul Subramanian.

Rahul is a married Tamilian and an MBA who worked as a brand manager and started doing stand-ups in his free time. Maybe this turned around and he started managing brands in his free time and took up full-time stand-up comedy. Or maybe not. Who cares? This show was somehow like this intro. Messed up. It didn’t make a lot of sense, lacked on relevance yet had you falling off the seats laughing. 

The show was hosted by Sumaira Sheikh who called herself a hurdle before the main show. She was there to warm us up for the upcoming act and we were more eager to watch Rahul after her karma worked its magic on her comedy punches. Enter Rahul. Rahul is naturally funny and his take on different things like housemaids, school teachers, his wife, drugs, innovations, are as irrelevant as these topics themselves. He has been married for a few years and he emphasized on this many times during the 60 minutes show. He believes that no one should ever tell someone that they cannot do something, but now that we know he is married, we will ignore making sense here as well.

Kal Main Udega - BookMyShow

He went from making fun of North Indians to South Indians too soon and other things escalated pretty quickly as well. Then he went in a flashback to tell us stories about his school days, his mathematics (read this in a South Indian accent) teacher Parthasarathy and the benefits of doing drugs. Don’t worry, after every inappropriate sentence, he made sure he added a disclaimer of “just joking” and the fact that BMS was reviewing the event he repeated the disclaimer twice. Yes, Rahul, we understand that you were joking and you do not take part in any domestic or international violence. So no jail for you.

Rahul Subramanian’s stand-up special Kal Main Udega is every bit its description. You take nothing home but an aching stomach because of laughing or maybe because you fell off your chair. But the show was meant to give no message, however, it ended up doing just that. And someday, you’ll fly.

Things to keep in mind for this stand-up:
Do not drink and watch because chances of falling off the seat will increase.
Do not judge the comedian by his accent.
Also, do not expect stuff to make sense.

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