Being a student of English Literature, especially one of those, who has barely read any of Shakespeare’s original works, and someone who has always felt repulsive towards most of his works, (sparing Macbeth), watching a satire on The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare, was a completely natural choice.

At the beginning of the play we are told that, "If you like Shakespeare, you’ll like the play and if you hate Shakespeare, you’ll love this play."
The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr performed by three actors, Neville Shah, Aadar Malik and Brij Bhakta is based on a script by Americans Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield.
So Shakespeare wrote a total of 835,997 words through his plays. That’s like a lot of words. So summing all of that up into 90 minutes flat is a herculean task.  And our 3 actors, turned comedians, turned magicians do a fab job in fulfilling the task they undertake.
Neville, Aadar and Brij sucessfully give a 21st century interpretation to Shakespeare’s "post-modern" plays. Without revealing much, allow me to describe how these three men do this. And while revealing this to you, let me also assure you that whatever they do, will make you laugh so hard, that you may find yourself vomiting your guts out as you laugh.
These three men interpret Shakespeare in the most un-Shakespearean way. Their interpretation is gross, desi, fun and hilarious. The socio-cultural references they make only enhances the humour. If only Shakespeare was taught to us in a similar fashion. *sigh*
So if you’re looking for an instant fix of laughter, and by laughter I mean ninety minutes of continuous laughter. Then go watch this with your buddies, no, actually go watch this with anybody or even better go by yourself. The humour on stage is enough to give you great company through the ninety minutes.
And if you’re open-minded, take your children along with you and let them know that Shakespeare is overrated.
Miss this one at your own risk.

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