Actor-director-producer Amol Palekar breaks his 25 year-long theatre hiatus and returns to the stage with Kusur (The Mistake). An adaptation of the 2018 Danish movie, Den Skylidge, the play is a thriller written by his wife Sandhya Gokhale. Here are four reasons why everyone should watch it.

It’s a chance to watch Amol Palekar on stage

Fans of Palekar who go in expecting a powerhouse performance will not be disappointed. The actor, who also directed the play, is in top form. Palekar plays retired assistant police commissioner Ashok Dandavate, who spends a night manning the phones in the police control room. He’s the only presence on stage for the most part and at no point does he lose your attention.

A sharp, smart and thoroughly engrossing script

Gokhale’s taut script keeps you at the edge of your seat. Just when you think you’ve managed to guess where it’s heading, the play throws a curveball your way. Without giving away any spoilers, all we can reveal is that Dandavate, who volunteers at the police emergency control room, receives a call that changes his perspective on life.

Top-notch voice acting 

Most of the principal characters interact with Dandavate via phone. A vast range of emotions such as apprehension, annoyance, paranoia and grief are palpably conveyed through superb voice acting. You feel for these characters even though you can’t see them, simply because they use their voice to convey what they feel so believably.

Effective sound design 

Sound effects are crucial in creating moments of tension and suspense in Kusur. Whether it’s the downpour of the rainy night, the background sounds during a particularly tense phone call, the joyous Ganeshotsav celebrations in Mumbai or the cacophony of phones, the sound design effectively creates the world of the play.