What do you get when you put a Hindu, a Muslim, a Parsi, a Christian and a therapist in one room? If Laughter Therapy: Class Act 2 is any indication, the answer is total hilarity!

Laughter Therapy: Class Act 2 gives us a glimpse into what might possibly be the funniest therapy session of all time. Mahesh Kadam, Mohammed Abdul Qadir Shaikh, Mehernosh Siganporia and Victor Rodricks must all be a part of court-ordered group therapy. The result? A whole lot of chaos and hilarity!

Like most of Meherzad Patel's productions, Laughter Therapy isn't for the easily offended. The play, which shatters some stereotypes and affirms others, isn't afraid to go beyond the politically correct. That said, though, it never makes light of the problems faced by either community. In fact, the humorous take only makes it easier to see that the grass on the other side isn't as green as we might think.

With a subject like this, it would've been easy for Class Act 2 to become preachy. Laughter Therapy, however, is exactly what the title claims. The play offers two hours of pure, unadulterated comedy. Though there are heartfelt moments, especially in the second half, it is primarily a roller-coaster ride of comedy… And one that you would be happy to hop aboard!

Though the play stars only 5 actors, it features a total of 30 characters. This could easily have been a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, that isn't the case here. Afshad KelawalaDanesh Khambata, Sajeel Parakh and Meher Acharya-Dar are noteworthy in their respective parts (yes, all of them). Their dialogue deliveries do complete justice to Meherzad Patel's one-liners. However, the real star of the play is Danesh Irani. If there's one thing we've learned from The Class Act, The Buckingham Secret and Laughter Therapy; it's that Irani can play an old man better than most old men themselves!

It also works in the play's favor that the actors share a rapport that makes each scene hilarious. Meherzad Patel's rapport with the actors also shines through in their portrayals. This is especially true for Sajeel Parakh and Danesh Irani, who add their own touch to the characters without sacrificing the appropriate mannerisms or accents.

Though the acting is undoubtedly the highlight of the play, Meherzad Patel's witty (and often, silly) one-liners deserve a round of applause as well. The play is peppered with hilarious references to relevant topics, right from the Modi vs. Gandhi rivalry to the Maggi ban.

Laughter Therapy has a solid script that ties everything together, but it's best appreciated as a series of comical short skits. Go in expecting just that and rest assured that you won't be disappointed. If you're in the need for some laughter therapy, you've just found the perfect therapist.

P.S. Don't let the '2' in the title keep you from watching the play. This sequel is fun, even if you haven't watched the first part!

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