What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about a play called Madbeth, with the tagline "One man. One throne. One crown. One hilariously tragic experience."? A spoof of Shakespeare's classic tragedy, right? Wrong. Though it may be named after the classic, Madbeth is so much more than we could ever have imagined.

What's Madbeth About: 

Starring Rupesh Tillu, Madbeth is the story of Beth, who turns to acting to overcome the deaths of his dog and girlfriend. And what better way to practice acting therapy than to turn to the Bard? But things don't go as planned when Beth takes it upon himself to recreate the tragedy of Macbeth. The result is a roller-coaster ride of hilarity, where the line between the actor and the audience is frequently blurred.

What Works: 

Though the play has a strong script, its highlight is undoubtedly the moments when Tillu deviates from it. Fortunately, the play is filled with these, making the play a lot more exciting than it would've been if it was completely scripted. Apart from these deviations, the play is also filled with hilarious improvisations that give it a personal touch. Madbeth also stays true to this by involving the audience in the play.

The physical comedy in Madbeth is also notable. Rupesh Tillu makes the most of the stage. In fact, he manages to accomplish this without ever overdoing it. He holds down the fort and boy, does he do it well!

What Could've Been Better: 

For all its wonderful qualities, Madbeth might turn off viewers who go in looking for their Shakespearean fix. Though it is a delightful play, Madbeth also has its lows, which may disappoint viewers looking for an all-out laugh riot. Still, these minor flaws are easy to ignore in an otherwise rollicking play.

Why You Should Watch: 

If you want to witness a truly "mad" take on Shakespeare, you can't afford to miss this. However, don't go in expecting too much of the Bard… Or anything for that matter. The beauty of the play lies in the unexpected twists that Tillu throws our way, and that's what makes it worth a watch!

Upcoming shows: 19th and 20th April – Mumbai

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