There is a presumed notion that it is hard to draw an audience for a movie, play or events which cater to children specifically. But the plays performed by Nagpur-based Stagecraft Theatre group and the overwhelming response they get, reckons the fact that if the content is good, then the audience will definitely own your product. The group was founded in 2003 by theatre veteran Vikash Khurana and is well-known in Nagpur. Other than Nagpur, the group has been successful in establishing a loyal fan base in Mumbai. Their first children’s play that staged in Mumbai was Wind in the Willows (2014). After that, they continued with Naughtiest Girl in School (2015) and Five on a Treasure Island (2016). Their latest offering is The Marvellous Misadventures of Manohar Mama which is their 68th production.

The Marvellous Misadventures of Manohar Mama is a children’s play for all ages. Manohar Mama (Vikash Khurana) is the Sherlock of Panchgani. He is assisted by his niece Ayesha (Kruthika Rangari) and nephew Ishaan (Amol Wakhare). Manohar Mama, along with his assistants, is always on a run to solve the mysteries. All goes well until one day the neighbor Supriya Sengupta's (Radhika Joshi) pet dog goes missing. And parallelly, he also investigates two more cases – the missing DJ mixing set that belongs to Jasmeet Singh (Anuj Singh) and iPhone of Rohini Verma (Arya Diwakar). While the suspect for the missing dog is Bhiku (Aditya Bansod) Supriya's servant, the other missing cases don’t even have a prime suspect. Also, there is Shreyas Parab, who, for the reasons best known to him, tries to harm Riya Deshpande (Kiran Gosavi). So will Manohar Mama and his assistants solve these missing cases? Is Bhiku really the culprit? And why does Shreyas try to harm Riya? Watch the play and find out by yourself.

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All the actors have performed their roles effortlessly. The standout performances come from Vikash Khurana and Kruthika Rangari. You can’t take your eyes off of them. Throughout the 70 minutes of the play, both of them command your attention. A special mention for Kiran Gosavi as her dance moves is one of the highlights. The director, who also performs the lead character Manohar Mama, has wonderfully executed the play which is brilliantly written by Nitish Chandra. The director makes sure that he involves the audience by smartly providing the scope of live interaction during the play. And the instant response that he gets is what tells you that how much the audience is loving the play. The song Tick Tick composed by Rajat Godde grabs your attention with catchy lyrics by Sei Deshpande.

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