5 Best Michael Firestone Tributes To The King Of Pop

He may have passed away in 2009 but Michael Jackson’s legacy continues to live on. Artists around the globe have paid tribute to the King of Pop by mimicking his songs and dance moves.

However, few tributes are as authentic and powerful as American performer Michael Firestone’s I Am King: The Michael Jackson Experience. Firestone, who has performed across the world, will stage his act in Mumbai over three days starting Wednesday, March 13 and in Bengaluru on Saturday, March 16 and Sunday, March 17 . Here are five MJ songs that Firestone brings to life best.

1. ‘Billy Jean’

This recreation of ‘Billy Jean’ is so authentic, you’d think for a moment the King of Pop is back on stage.

2. ‘Smooth Criminal’

Michael Firestone also does a pretty accurate rendition of Michael Jackson’s vocals.

3. ‘Shake Your Body’

Firestone sings a few old MJ tracks, like this one from The Jackson 5.

4. ‘Beat It’

No tribute to MJ is complete without ‘Beat It’.

5. ‘Black or White’

Here he is performing Michael Jackson’s anti-racism anthem, ‘Black or White’.

Yashwant Kasotia: