The characters of Mummy Please pop out of a book to tell the story of Ayush, who is constantly harangued by his mother to score 90% marks in his exams. Presented by theatre group Yatri, the play in Hindi shows how Ayush’s mother wants her son to achieve more than what he can, making him utter in distress each time, “Mummy Please.”

Ayush is a boisterous lad who loves playing football, online games and irritating his sister, Anjana. His constant hassles with his mother are heard by Piglu, a sticker on his computer that comes alive to help him and is visible only to him. On discovering this genius of a sticker, Ayush is delighted and converses with him non-stop, much to Anjana’s and his mother’s chagrin who think he’s losing his mind. Annoyingly, a nosy neighbor also adds fuel to the fire by giving her high-pitched advice on what kids should and shouldn’t do. But Piglu manages to salvage the situation each time in a fun manner.

Mummy Please continues to draw in the masses though some of the dialogues can be a bit harsh for smaller kids. Parents should watch it too; there’s something to learn there. While Piglu’s dexterous moves and bold remarks are fun to behold, they also drive home a message- that kids should be allowed to be their age.

Yatri has been around for more than 20 years, with renowned plays like Sakharam Binder, Chandu Ki Chachi and Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge, while Nakchadi and Mummy Please are productions for the younger audience.

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