Stand-up comedy is the in thing these days. All the stand-up comedians have made us aware that everything from dosa to the Milky Way galaxy has humor attached to it. All you need is a sense of humor. From many names who are behind this realization and awareness, one is Kunal Kamra, and he is on stage these days with his new thoughts about things that he has been observing and things that have happened to him.

Tuesday was one such day when Kunal Kamra and his new thoughts poured in at the Fun Republic Social, thanks to Indian Comedy Club. ICC, being India’s first brand that intended to develop Comedy Nights, have come a long way since their inception in November 2014. Their plan is to introduce a new set of comedians as they know you’ll be in hysterics when their previously unheard material will come to a stage near you.

Fun Republic Social is a very accessible place and the crowd present there proved it event more. There were more than 200 people to watch Kamra. Not to exaggerate, people were standing near the bar, near the stage, in the corners like wherever they could fit. It was hard to say whether this was because of the small space or because of Kunal’s fan following. (Choose whichever you think deems fit according to you.)

The show was opened by Joel D’Souza and he warmed up the crowd with his take on failure and how other people sometimes feel successful when somebody fails. Followed by Amey Deshpande who was introduced as a newcomer in the stand-up scene but took the stage on a roll with his opinion about human behavior at stand-up shows and Kumbh Melas. While we were at it with these two, Amey welcomed Kunal and the people started laughing without him uttering a word (or just because he is fat). This gesture explains a lot about the fun guy though.

I always knew Kunal is generally brutal and honest about his opinions and he proved me right in his first show that I attended by telling people that he doesn’t like the venue he is performing at. And while he tried to, he wasn’t even politically correct while stating it. He started with some of his life incidents where he met a few politicians, a few cases that were filed against him and a recent death threat that he received because of one of his YouTube videos (yes, he made fun of all these things).

Kunal Kamra - BookMyShow

He is single in his late 20s, he smokes and his parents know all about it; has a background in advertising and is still politically incorrect almost all the times; appreciates Islam a lot (just joking). I know all this because I paid attention to whatever he was saying. His punches are like a fresh breeze of air for those who are fed up with people who are politically correct and stay away from subjects that are the source of real humour – politics and religion. 

Things to keep in mind during the show:
– Make sure your drinks are at a safe distance to avoid spit takes and choking on your own drink.
– Go with an open mind about everything that can be offensive like religion, political beliefs, sex, culture, democracy, racism or your face (just joking).

For those who do not have Kunal’s shows in their city don’t worry because Indian Comedy Club also plans to expand to more cities so that more and more people could enjoy laughing the way it is meant to be – live, act after act, punchline after punchline!