Come December and people begin make resolutions for the new year. Not surprisingly, more than half of us break those earnest resolutions within the first few days of January. Here are seven such promises commonly made by people year after year.

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Work out

Every year, gyms hike up their fees around New Year’s eve to profit from people’s impulsive decisions to get fit. They wait for about two months for the ‘fitspiration’ to wear off before sneakily lowering the fee so that dedicated gym freaks can continue doing their thing.

Because, let’s be real, it’s hard to incorporate exercise into an already busy life. And if you have to travel for work? It’s harder. So don’t splurge on fancy gym wear yet; it’ll help with the next resolution on this list.

Save money

Aren’t you glad you didn’t splurge on athleisure and downloaded a get-fit app instead? You’re welcome. Now you just need to delete your online wish lists, freeze your credit cards, steal hotel toiletries (as if you don’t already) and cut back on the partying.

But if you’re also considering ditching the Maggi and going organic, vegan and gluten-free, you can forget about this one already. Because the good things in life cost money. And you have great taste, right?


Most of us end up enlisting for the first volunteering ad we see. And then we quit because it’s such a waste of time to be hanging out with strangers on a weekend when you’d rather be in bed anyway.

Take three trips a year

So you’ve got Scottish castles, a tour of Champagne and the Caribbean on your mind? It’s nice to know you’ve decided to put them on your to-do list for 2019. Because that’s probably the farthest you’ll get with the list. Will you really get the time off? Will all of your friends agree? Will you really save up enough? Who knows?

Quit smoking and drinking

Here’s the deal: you can’t quit cold turkey.

So you cut back slowly. You find alternatives like Nicotex and apple juice. You say no to small temptations first, like your coworker’s birthday or your college reunion. Eventually, it’ll get easier because you’ll have no friends left except the cashier at the grocery store. But this is all happening in your head because it’s a Friday night and you’re already three drinks down at BSE.

Learn something new

When you were 15, you decided you wanted to learn to play the guitar. Your parents finally gave in to your constant pleading, bought you one and signed you up for classes.

You knew it wasn’t meant to be on the first day itself. You weren’t musically gifted nor did you have the dedication required to perfect the skill.

See, it’s not exactly easy for an old dog to learn new tricks. It’s harder if the trick you’re trying to learn is something you’ve got no aptitude for and so whether it takes you an hour or a week, you’ll eventually give up on it.

On the plus side though, you know the best guitar class in town so that counts right?

Take a break from social media

The joke’s on you. Social media apps know you’ll be back on your knees before the day ends. Because how will we know what the world looks like without Instagram? What are we supposed to wake up to? The #nofilter sunlight streaming through the windows? And let’s be real, relationships these days are basically 90 per cent tagging each other. And isn’t meme deprivation listed on WebMD?