Filmmaking is not something you thought you could learn at home. But as with other vocations, we’ve discovered that one can actually pick up the basics of certain aspects of filmmaking from home. Check out these two workshops that cover scriptwriting, editing and the basics of cinematography.

Film Making By EMPLIHI

An all-rounded two-month program that gives you knowledge of basic scriptwriting, shooting, film grammar and editing.
When: Until Wednesday, October 28 at 6pm.

Online Course in Filmmaking by WWI Virtual Academy

An online extension of Whistling Woods International, WWI Virtual Academy offers online courses in the field of filmmaking and creative arts. The one-year course comprises over 60 hours of learning through video lectures, video-based live sessions and workshops held by Whistling Woods faculty. After finishing the course, the candidate will be awarded an advanced completion certificate from Whistling Woods International. The candidate also gets two-year access to the online content and 50% off offer on Adobe Premier Pro for the duration of the course.
When: Until Friday, November 13 at 6pm.

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