An adaptation of the award-winning play by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, Youth Theatre’s The Pillowman is gruesome, chilling and disturbing. It was performed as a part of the ongoing selection for the Youth Theatre Festival hosted by the Hive. It started off on July 6th, 2017 and over the course of four months will feature 16 performances all over India by various college students.  The four best plays will be performed at the Annual Theater Festival at the Hive.

Performed by a group of St. Xavier’s College students at the Brewbot Pub in Andheri, The Pillowman talks about a writer Katurian and his ordeals in a totalitarian state. Katurian doesn’t write happy endings; his tales are full of menacing crimes and murders subjected on little children with an alarming mix of fantasy, magic and imaginary creatures. His life turns topsy-turvy when he is brought for interrogation by two lady police officers for the murder of three children strikingly similar to the murders in his stories. The writer, unable to comprehend the situation, gets frustrated but his biggest nightmare strikes when his mentally disturbed sister Marion is dragged in by the police. When Marion confesses to all the crimes, Katurian is left flabbergasted. Is Marion really the killer or is Katurian the mastermind? They both can be innocent too. Watch the play to know their fate.
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In just three scenes with a limited cast of just six people, The Pillowman scares you. The light and the sound effects were used minimally but at proper intervals. Out of all stories narrated and those which led to real life butchering of children, the most terrifying I found was the story of the Little Apple Men. It narrated the horrific death of a father whose daughter brings home a set of men made from apples with razor sharp blades inside them. Similar other stories keep you hooked as well as petrified throughout the play.

The entire cast and crew comprise 19-year-old director Ipshita Peters and the actors Matthew Vetticad as Katurian, Gouri Bhuyan as Marion, Aanya Dhingra as Tupolski, Diya Parakh as Ariel, Nyla Saldanha as Mrs. Katurian and Lawrence Noronha as Mr. Katurian.

If you love horror and gory stuff, then you must definitely check out The Pillowman, the next time it is happening around in Mumbai. Till then, why don’t you check out these plays?

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