1. Ranga Shankara It is one of the few destinations in Bengaluru which keeps the tradition of theatre alive in the city. It is always a delight to watch a play in this world-class theatre facility. In the coming weeks, the venue offers quite a few amazing plays to watch out for. This weekend, there's two theatre events lined up at Ranga Shankara that you should must watch. Both Sadarane and Sahyadri Kaanda are Kannada plays and about human emotions and relationships.

2. Innovative Film City Innovative Film City is Bengaluru's newest entertainment destination! Ranging from adventure rides to a Museum, theme parks to water parks and adventure sports to food courts, the Innovative Film City has it all. Thrill, adventure and excitement are unlimited! This week the venue offers you Bigg Boss experience at its premises. It offers a big boss tour package which includes a one day stay in the house with other participants and playing various games and activities hosted by Bigg Boss!

3. Cubbon Park There is one very interesting event lined up for you at Cubbon Park this weekend! It's a Treasure Hunt called Sparrowz Quest. It's a 90 minutes quest where in you have to solve the clues, find the location in the park, perform action there and then again on a clue hunt. So, come along with your friends and family and engage in some fun!

4. Madhuloka When it comes to adventure, Madhuloka should be your destination! This weekend, it is organising a Coorg Kerala trek. It is one of the most challenging treks from Bengaluru, covering 23 kms through the dense forest, giving an insight into the wildlife of the area. After you reach God's own country, Kerala, you will be taken back to Bengaluru by a 100 km jeep ride. For adventure lovers this sounds like a great plan! This is one of the most exciting upcoming events happening in Bengaluru! 5.Silk Board Another trek organised by Silk Borad which might interest the adventure lovers of the city is Tadiandamol Trek. Taking you to the highest peak of Coorg, Tadiandamol, this trek reaches to an elevation of 1748 m. The replenishing nature, tricky terrains, thickly wooded slopes and the misty valleys would be a treat to any traveller. Go on a nature's trip this weekend!

So, Bengaloreans, choose your destination and embark on an awesome journey!