One of the most dramatic sights in Rajasthan, which is overflowing with spectacular things to see, is the annual Pushkar Mela held in the Hindu month of Kartik, around November. While it’s primarily a camel and livestock fair, the mela is also a major tourist attraction. On the dusty banks of the Pushkar lake, where the fair takes place, one can see such village amusements as moustache competitions among men with lengthy staches, traditional dances, camel races and quaint games like tug-of-war. Other attractions include stalls selling trinkets, handicraft and all kinds of touristy knick-knacks. This year, the fair will take place from Friday, November 16 to Friday, November 23. If you’re keen to liven up your Pushkar trip with a spot of adventure, consider these activities.

Camel Safari

The stunning landscape around Pushkar is best navigated on camelback. Watch the sun set over the dunes while sitting astride the ship of the desert.

Quad Biking

You don’t have to go to Dubai to race up and down dunes. Rent a quad bike and speed in and out of sandy ravines.

Jeep Safari

The landscape around Pushkar is a gorgeous stretch of rolling dunes. The best way to drive around is by jeep.


Whizz around the skies of Pushkar in a paramotor, a paraglider with a propeller and parachute.

Hot Air Balloon

If relaxed adventure is more your thing, then take in the sights of Pushkar on a leisurely yet thrilling hot air balloon ride.

Staying in Tents

Pushkar is a great place to go ‘glamping’, that is, staying in luxurious tents. This way you get to feel like a camper, but not at the cost of air-conditioning. These stay packages include transport to the mela ground, bonfire dinners and folksy entertainment.

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Image: Sheshagiri Shenoy via Wikimedia Commons.