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Canvas Laugh Club Has Got Your Laughter Dose Sorted With These Acts

Canvas Laugh Club is the comedy company you’ve definitely heard about. It hosts some of the best names in comedy and is known to produce shows, generate content, discover new talent and spread the art of comedy. Canvas Laugh Club has an intimate setting for you to enjoy every punch of the stand-up act. It is called the official destination for laughter and coincidentally the ‘unofficial’ destination as well.

This month, CLC has a line-up of hilarious comedians performing in all three cities and you cannot afford to miss it. For your convenience, we have listed them here:

1. Best Of Guptaji by Appurv Gupta

Appurv Gupta, popularly known as Gupta Ji, has given three back-to-back super hit solos in the last three years – AppurView, Relationship or RelationShit, and Laugh with an Engineer 2.0. Now Guptaji brings the best of his bits with a mix of some new stuff to provide a rib-tickling, jaw-cracking, and side-splitting evening to you.




2. Vipul Goyal Live

Vipul Goyal is a stand-up comedian and actor who is counted amongst the top comedy performers in India. He is hugely popular for his TVF series Humorously Yours and now, he is coming out of the screen to perform the same, live. This is not something you’d want to miss. Check out the review of his stand-up special here.



3. Gaurav Kapoor presents Sab Scam Hai

Do not confuse him with a member of the Kapoor family, Gaurav is just another tiny boy from Delhi who is actually a full grown man. He is a journalist by profession and maybe funny by birth because he has won almost every open mic in town. You can read more about his comedy style here.

4. Sharma Ji Before and After

The Brahmin bro of the comedy scene, this Bareilly guy performs his jokes with a desi flair and a typical North Indian accent. His jokes generally revolve around social, political, and all the other general issues. Read the review of his comedy special here and book your tickets now.

5. Problems by Azeem Banatwalla

After turning 30 and losing his youthful enthusiasm, all Azeem Banatwalla can see around him are problems. A show primarily written while in a car stuck in traffic, Problems is a look at teenagers, overpopulation, the government, humanity, and birds through Azeem’s kaleidoscope of cynicism, acerbic wit, and other words from a thesaurus. Read our review here.

6. Nishant Tanwar Live

A disclaimer before a movie makes it a lot more interesting and same must go for a comedy show, right? If your answer is yes, then this is the most interesting show you’ll come across. If no, then you are thinking in the wrong direction because the answer is yes. And yes, you can read more about Nishant Tanwar here.

7. Not Just Baniya by Gaurav Gupta

The most popular baniya of our times, Gaurav Gupta is extravagant when it comes to delivering jokes. He is a dentist by profession, a husband by possession, and a comedian by the recession. His expressions are bound to leave a funny impression. Now without asking any questions, book your tickets for this session.