Do you proclaim to be a 100% true blue film bluff? Are you the “filmy keeda” in your friend circle with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things movies? Is your idea of a perfect day, the day where you watch movies back-to-back? Yes, you are a film lover of the highest order. A film fanatic, to be precise! Nothing can be better for a film fanatic than a day spent at a film screening. Apart from the opportunity to enjoy films of various formats like short films and documentaries, here are the other five reasons why film screenings are a truly enjoyable experience.

  1. You get to watch rare movies

You get to watch movies from all around the globe. This, in turn, can help you uncover, hidden celluloid gems that could probably rock your world! What can be better than this?

  1. You become more knowledgeable

Your worldview would drastically change after watching movies that are completely different from the movies you watch on the movie screens and television. You learn to appreciate various cultures, you learn more about the social, political and economic situations from across the globe and that enlightenment is worth gold, my friend!

  1. You get to network and discuss movies with fellow movie buffs

Nothing can be more intellectually stimulating for a movie buff than the opportunity to discuss the story and technicalities of a movie. To meet like-minded film aficionados is a boon by itself. Maybe, you would discover your next screenwriting partner at a film screening!

  1. You get to study films

The curriculum for every film student is films! The more one watches and studies movies, the more knowledgeable can one be about movies. Film screenings offer a great chance for any film enthusiast to learn more about movies.

  1. You get to support independent filmmakers

At times, the efforts of small filmmakers vanish in the vast sea of commercial films. With film screenings, the films by independent filmmakers reach a wider audience. Result? You get to watch gems that you probably couldn’t otherwise.

Now that we’ve told you about all the reasons why you should attend a film screening, it’s time for you to enjoy a film screening. Get ready to applaud when the credits roll!