You’ve not seen the film until you have seen the FILM. Multiplex cut to Mall cut to a dozen films cut to half a dozen screens cut to finally the film! The multiplex generation of movie goers today has every reason to walk in a screen but ironically skip the cinematic charm. Humungous variety for every choice that we make, but amidst the entire bustle the audience has Lost the Plot
Rightly named, this open air movie viewing culture brings back the days when Road Movies were in fashion. This reinstalls the idea of collaborating with dear ones under the open sky in company of the best films. Lost the Plot is a start-up by Nikita Naiknavare who comes to rescue the fading idea of watching films under the star lit sky. The first of its kind in Pune, this event brings the audience English classics, cult genre films, high octane drama, and best from the house of animation with a lot more categories to choose from. 
The films are screened on the seventh floor of Seasons Apartment Hotel at Aundh which is a centrally located spot in Pune. This event is also focused at complementing the visual experience with exotic starters and drinks from La Vista, the terrace bar. From hugely celebrated Hindi cinema to landmark films in English, Lost the Plot is gaining popularity for the dynamically variant picks. The organizers have taken utmost care to make the experience worth investing by pairing good picture quality with effective sound delivered through wireless headphones. 
Pune lends an added advantage to any event done on roof tops and open spaces. The weather it is. A romantic evening comes full circle with Pune’s perfect whether that elevates the experience further. Carefully chosen, the venue is designed to detach you from the conventional idea of a weekend party and transports you to the serene ambience which has you unwind for the time you invest. 
Passionate film lovers have enjoyed Shah Rukh Khan–Kajol starrer DDLJ, Catch me if you can which has the powerhouse of talent Leonardo Di Caprio, the famous classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s and many more from the movies that have been screened. Be it a romantic evening to spend or a reunion with friends and family, Lost the Plot is a reverse engineered version of the cliché ‘The Perfect Weekend’. 
The films are screened with high quality projection and sound is transmitted using radio frequencies via wireless headphone devices. For a film enthusiast the camaraderie he shares with the images on celluloid extends far beyond mere indulgence in 24 frames per second. With this in mind, the seating arrangement has been given priority. From well cushioned couches to beanbags, the viewer’s movie evening is leveraged to match his expectation. If the idea of having a nostalgic hangover gets you intrigued, walk in to get high on Lost the Plot’s signature style booze!
By Soham Bhattacharyya

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