Mumbai, a place of infinite dreams and aspirations. A city where you can have all your moodswings treated permanently. It is a place where you can have the best times with your friends and family if you’re bored at home or tired from working late shifts. With the monsoon approaching and some kickass stand up comedy shows happening in the city, we suggest you to get free from your work and have some quality entertainment with your special ones. We have compiled a list of top comedy spots in Mumbai to take you on a laughter ride and make your remaining summers better. If you’re looking for some great destinations to spend your weekends, then check out these top places to hangout in Mumbai:

A Stand-Up Comedy Show – Fresh Comedy Night 
This is the chance to come and watch 10 stand-up comedians try out new jokes, and you get to pick the best performer at the end of the show! And what if some of the new jokes don't work? Well, it's watching new jokes crash and burn that's far more fun than listening to smug tried and tested jokes. If it appeals to you, you can choose to register to perform in the next show and try out your own jokes in front of a live audience. This show will feature both new talent and professional comedians, so it will surely be a fun night!
Date: May 16, 2017
Venue: Backstage Cafe Bar, Mumbai.

Indian Comedy Club Presents Live Stand-Up Comedy with Amogh Ranadive and Sumukhi Suresh
The Indian Comedy Club brings to you a multifaceted mix of the best upcoming stand-up comics from all over India. Here's your chance to watch the new comedians in town, live with your special ones! Act after act, punchline after punchline, you'll definitely LOL when you're at the Indian Comedy Club! This time, they've got Amogh Ranadive and Sumukhi Suresh to get you rolling on the floor, and laughing your heart out. Live comedy and beers, it doesn't get any better. Date: May 17, 2017
Venue: Magazine Cafe and Bar, Mumbai.

Two Men Solve Sexism Presented by Ratatouille
For too long, sexism has made things difficult for people. But fear not! Enter delusional sexist men, Rohan Desai and Adhiraj Singh. The two have decided to solve this problem and they will stop at nothing to rid the world of sexism – something they feel only men can do. Watch as they go about “solving“ major issues involving sexism without fully understanding them. Come and laugh at these idiots and even if you want to kick them for making you laugh really hard, they won’t mind! So book your passes now!
Date: May 17, 2017
Venue: Studio Mojo, Malad, Mumbai.