Since 1978, Prithvi Theatre has been the center of everything good in Indian theatre. There are many plays which are considered great because they were performed at this venue. With an admirable lineup every month, it is an ideal venue even if you are going in the middle of the week. It is situated a little far from the hustle and bustle and you can sip on delicious Irish coffee as you wait for your play to start. A little before September begins, you can start making plans to watch some amazing plays and we are here to help you with a list of plays you should not miss at Prithvi in the first fortnight of September.

D for Drama Present Dhumrapaan (20th September)Smoking areas of a corporate building are usually the places where you find all the gossip and the drama about the office. Smoke breaks are those breaks which have no time limit set to them and a lot can happen over a cigarette.

Surnai's Peer Ghani (21st September)
Peer Ghani is the story of Peer who goes on a journey of self-discovery when his world of stories collides with realities. This journey, as you see our world through the eyes of Peer will certainly be enlightening.

Surnai's Peecha Karti Parchhaiyan (22nd September)
Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts has been adapted and presented to you by director K. K. Raina. The story is about late Maharaja Kunwar Viraj Bhanu Pratap Singh's family and how his death is shrouded in mystery, talked about in whispers and hidden in the inscrutable eyes of his widow, Yashodhara Baisaheb.

Surnai's A Doll House (23rd September)
We can go to great lengths for our loved ones. But our loved ones may not appreciate our gestures often. This play is the story of one such incident.

Surnai's Mareechika (24th September)Written and directed by Ila Arun, this is an enchanting tale of Rampyari who is in love with a sailor but is wed to someone else. As she tries to adjust to her married life, she is often visited by a Mareechika (Mirage) as she dreams about all that could have been.

Shapeshift's Agent Provocateur (26th and 27th September)This dance performance is aimed at immersing you into the experience as two performers and a live musician take the stage by a storm as they talk about one's body. 

Rage Productions' Anand Express (28th and 29th September)A part of this year's Aadyam,  Anand Express is a story of friendship. You can read what we thought about the play here.

Rage Productions' Twelve Angry Jurors (30th September)
Is it fair to leave the decision of one's life in the hands of 12 people who let their personal biases cloud their judgment? You can read our review of the play here.

And this is just the first fortnight of September. Watch this page for more updates of plays at Prithvi in the month of September.