If you even remotely like theatre, you must have heard of Juhu’s pride Prithvi Theatre. Started by the Kapoor trust, the theatre over the generations have become the place to watch plays for a variety of reasons. For some reason, if you haven’t heard of it or are even new to Mumbai and wish to explore one of the gems of the city, Prithvi theatre is for you. From the quaint remote location to their famous Irish coffee, it has proven to be more than a place where you just watch plays. Even while the world is going high tech, the theatre still retains its charm and appeal along with being one of the finest places to watch theatre. We also have five reasons for you to take a trip there right away.

1. Best of plays

Prithvi Theatre is known for curating the best of plays. You get to see little-known theatre companies like Rahi Theatres as well as established ones like Aadyam Productions there. Each month there is a carefully curated line-up and if you have missed something the first time. Be rest assured it will be there again.

2. Amphitheater seating

Prithvi was one of the first theatres to explore intimate theatre where the line between the performer and the audience is fine. Keeping that in mind, even today, there is an amphitheater-style seating with limited rows where it doesn’t matter where you sit, you still get to enjoy the performance. It even helps in amplifying the voice of the performers and carrying it to the last row.


3. The café

What started as an add-on to the theatre has now become a full-fledged cafe where you find crowds all the time. It is a very good place to relax where it never becomes noisy, even with so many visitors. You can sit there for hours while sipping the delicious Irish coffee or even tasting some of their delicacies.


4. The Bookshop

Bookshops are definitely a rarity now. The bookshop adjoining the cafe has a rich collection of books on theatre and history of Prithvi theatre. They even have some amazing artwork displayed. If you are going to Prithvi theatre, you don’t want to miss a look inside the bookshop.

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5. Proximity to the beach

Prithvi theatre is one of those few places where you can spend an evening. You have food to choose from. After watching a play you can also stroll to the beach and make the evening even more special.

You can check out what is playing at Prithvi this month right here. Make sure you let us know what you enjoy most about Prithvi theatre in the comments below.