If you are a theatre, art and music lover from Bengaluru,  you ought to know the world-class facility that is Ranga Shankara. Ranga Shankara is a creative space dedicated to showcasing theatrical productions from India as well as abroad. They not only encourage new and innovative theatre forms but also believe in building a tight-knit community for ardent theatre lovers.

Every month Ranga Shankara wows the audiences with an exclusive line-up. It’s no different this month.  With an impressive line-up of musical dramas, comedies, amazing adaptations and entertaining plays, it’s Showtime at Ranga Shankara.

Here are 6 things you need to look out for in May:


As the name suggests, Kurukshetra is a live musical drama based on the famous Indian epic, Mahabharat. Musicals are a treat to watch because of the enthralling experience that surrounds it. This musical is all set to transport you to the battlefield where one of history’s most epic battles took place. If mythology fascinates you, don’t forget to watch this musical drama.

WHEN: May 5 2018


An absurd comedy, this play revolves around the Venkararamanaiah family. The protagonist Madhava is a drama critic who has to deal with his crazy family full of homicidal maniacs. If comedy is what you are looking for, this is a play you shouldn’t miss.

WHEN: May 6 2018


Crazy Girls Season 1 is the Kannada theatre adaptation of Lutz Hubner’s German play, Creeps. The story revolves around three young teenagers from different parts of Karnataka who come together for the audition for the role of a reality TV show host. As they enter the world of reality TV, their lives are about to be changed. Do they know what’s in store for them? Book for this intriguing play and find out.

WHEN: May 5 – 16 2018


An intricate display of how the human brain and the human conscience works, Kannada Drama Atheetha is a must-watch play. 

WHEN: May 17 2018


With this play, the team aims to bring on stage elements that make life beautiful, simple and content. It is always the little things that are worth holding on to. Simhachalam Sampige attempts to ring a bell in the audiences' minds with some of these experiences in the form of an unforgettable play.

WHEN: May 18 2018


The Curse Of Urvashi is based on one of the incidents in Mahabharat that changes Arjuna’s perspective completely. The play traces the last few years of the Pandavas in exile. If mythology fascinates you, this is a perfect fit for you.

WHEN: May 19 – 20 2018


Be it a child, an adult or an old man, every stage of our lives is precious and important. Circle of life is a play that remembers and celebrates every stage of life that has its own unique gift to offer to humanity. This play will definitely be an exciting experience. 

WHEN: May 26 2018

Head to Ranga Shankara for some of the best of theatre. The stage is set – are you?