Imagine a place where you get to travel in a flying car on a mission with Mr. India or somewhere with so many loops that your head goes dizzy. Yes, you are thinking about the Imagica theme park. Started in 2013, Imagica is the first theme park of its kind to get international rides and giving them a desi twist. You get the best of thrills and chills at the same place. Off the Mumbai-Pune expressway and just 19 km away from Lonavala, you will find visitors from Mumbai, Pune, and beyond when you go to Imagica. They also have a newly added Snow Park that is surely worth the money especially in this weather.

Something for everyone:

1. If you love hair-raising rides, you should definitely try rides like Deep Space, Nitro, and Scream Machine.
2. If you like to take it easy and don’t mind a little water fun, Rajasaurus River Adventure and Splash Ahoy!.
3. People looking for star attractions need to visit Ali Baba Aur Chaalis Chor, Mr. India – The Ride, and Wrath of the Gods.
4. For the kids there are fun rides like The Magic Carousel, Tubby Takes Off, Humpty’s Fall, and Save the Pirate.

How to spend your day:

The first thing you should do as you enter the park is find an Upgrade store to get a complimentary map of the park. If you are in the park before 11 am, it is a good time to finish all the thrilling rides before you check out the attractions that start 12:30 pm onwards. If you are reaching the park after 12:00 pm, the attractions have to be your first order of business before you get on the rides. Please note your lunch break should be after you have finished the rides. During the evening you can catch the Imagica parade with a lot of selfie-worthy moments.

How to reach there:

You can either take your own vehicle or avail any of the bus or car services offered by Imagica at a fee. If you are taking your own car, look for the signs after the expressway toll (from Mumbai) to take a left for Imagica. People coming from Pune can take a left about 19 km after Lonavala.

Some tips:

1. While an express pass is the best thing you could gift yourself, if you are going to the park in June-July, you will not need it as there will not be a lot of rush.
2. The park has wheelchair accessible places. You just have to look for the signs.
3. It is better to reach as early as possible to get the full experience of the park.