In a time when most of the stories are extremely old, common, used and re-used, the comedy play 3 Waitteers  has something absolutely fresh and new to offer. The outright funny  play that was held at C.L.A.P was performed by a fresh star cast. Its theme revolved around a restaurant and its 3 Waiters and is loosely adapted on the true events in recent time.

Written and directed by Abhishekh Khan, the story is about 3 WAITTEERS Amar, Akbar and Anthony. Amar, an aspiring actor, Akbar a crazy social media fan and Anthony, a drug addict, all of whom are managed by a tharki manager. The overall place seems to be a mess and the only sane person in the restaurant is probably the good-looking chef who has the hots for Anthony.

While the initial 45 mins of the play are spent in introducing the characters, some adult comedy and a whole lot of Bollywood, the actual deal starts when the manager gets a mysterious call about someone coming to invest in the restaurant and no one has the slightest idea who it is. Knowing the traits of the waiters, when the investor enters the restaurant disguised as a customer for investigation, he is irritated by the three waiters. Initially, though, he is patient enough to bear with them. But later, he reveals his real identity and refuses to invest in the restaurant. As the story unfolds further,  the interest of the audience develops all the more and the twist in the plot is to look forward to. 

While the play may have a few flaws here and there and loses its grip at certain points somewhere mid-way, it manages to make up for it in the end. Besides the story, what makes the play worthwhile is the effortless performance by Abhishekh, who happens to be the director, and plays the role of Anthony. Performances by Kabir Dhamija and Smit Ashar as Amar and Akbar respectively, are also brilliant.  The play is a laughing riot put up by a bunch of very talented 20-year-olds, which indeed cannot be missed!