Mumbai is called the city of dreams alright! But there’s no denying that Mumbai’s lifestyle is overrated. Those who live here might agree with it and those who live here now, know it. The amount of rent we pay here for a place to fit in will get us spacious BHKs in other cities. But there is something that keeps you hooked once you come here and they it is just impossible to leave. The Siddhus are also a victim of the same spell Mumbai has cast on them.

The Siddus of Upper Juhu is a play revolving around an upper-class, middle-aged couple living in a high rise in Andheri or how they like to call it “Upper Juhu”. Balvider Siddhu aka Bubbles (Rajit Kapoor) and his wife Parsi wife Behroze Siddhu (Shernaz Patel) live together on the 14th floor of the building that is a dream for almost 80 percent of the population of this city. But in spite of spending their life savings, INR 4 crores to be precise, the house is nothing like they have dreamt of. The walls are thin, their neighbors are annoying, there are dogs barking out loud during the night and plumbing is messed up. Both of them still try to keep calm with the BMC drilling in the middle of the night until Bubbles gets sacked from his job and loses control. And just when they thought it cannot get worse, they get robbed.  From their plasma TV to the dental floss, they lose everything. All of this has a heavy impact on Bubbles and he suffers a nervous breakdown.

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The two characters are quintessentially Punjabi and Parsi in their mannerisms. And even though the summary makes the play sound like a depressing one, it is nothing like that, mainly because of their flawless performances. The first half of the play if extremely funny, with Bubbles ranting and effortless comic punches, and Behroze dealing with it like nothing has happened. The second half is more serious but the script has not compromised on the fun.

The script is very crisp and every dialogue is relevant. The director Rahul DaCunha has made sure to get the best out of every character, regardless of their stage time. Meera Khurana, Kajli Sharma and Shishir Sharma play Bubbles’ siblings who come to visit after hearing about his nervous breakdown. Their segment will leave you with a very warm family-like love that Punjabis are (in)famous for.

The Siddhus of Upper Juhu is one of those plays that keep you entertained. The problems and issues addressed in the play are not new to you if you hhave lived in Mumbai and this makes the play even more relatable for you. It’s comical to see their take on the situations.

The play is a must watch for people who want to take a break from the usual dramatic theatre. You can book your tickets below.

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