Experimentalism meets creativity and reaches the masses via YouTube videos that run viral on the web. And not to forget, gets shares, views, subscribers and comments unanimously from the Indian youth circles and beyond. They are the makers of Qtiyapa. The Viral Fever is back with a new segment of videos targeting the creators and consumers of nonsensical Bollywood tamasha. After hugely popular episodes from Aadha 24: Exam Qtiyapa and Chai Sutta Chronicles, Arunabh Kumar and his team have planned a line-up of videos in the section that reads The Making Of…

The team of IIT graduates who started off with the germ of an idea of producing online content now has members from FTII, UCLA, NIT, Stanford and IIM playing to the best of their skills to excel and expand base with uniquely crafted ideas. The Making of is their take on the ‘Behind-the-scenes’ practice in the Bollywood industry. The first episode in this series features a spoof of the making of Salman Khan’s preachy commercial player Jai Ho.

Director Amit Golani makes an appearance with writer Biswapati Sarkar as the music composer duo Mixture Farsan. DOP Vaibhav Bundho plays the cameraman and the face of many TVF videos Anandeshwar Dwivedi plays Salman Khan – The Bhai. Nidhi Bisht earlier seen as Ipsa in the Chai Sutta Chronicles essays Khatrugan Sinha. New addition Dilip Merala Eshwar Bhagwan is shown to be the director of Bhai Ho who adapts and imitates Prabhudeva in this video. Close to 20 minutes; the making of Bhai Ho makes mockery of the norms of making a commercial blockbuster in India. While AIB’s attempt with The Royal Turds has been opening to mixed reviews in cities across the country, TVF’s take on the OTT (over the top) Bollywood filming has already received more than 2.5 lack views on YouTube.

The producer’s perspective isn’t spared too in the making of Bhai Ho. While AIB is more about entertainment through dialogues and tongue-in-cheek humor; TVF excels in making its audience laugh through mimicries and imitations of famous Bollywood stars, their tantrums and mannerisms. The subscribers of the TVF channel have shared their piece of appreciation through a chain of comments and await more craziness from the team that does it best!

Watch the video here:

By Soham Bhattacharyya

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