Sapan Verma was once described as “the good boy of comedy“, and that is pretty much the impression he leaves you with. He has no starry airs, loves mingling with the audience and is evidently out there to have a great time on stage.

Joining a long list of comics who dodged the engineering bullet, Verma describes himself as a “happy comedian”, one who prefers doing non-controversial comedy (well, mostly). His first stand-up show, Obsessive Comedic Disorder, met with great success and was eventually turned into an Amazon Prime special. Now he’s back with his second show, Once Sapan A Time, in which he talks about shifting career paths, dealing with conservative parents and marriage among other things. He also uses comedy to shed light on an important topic today, mental health. Here’s what you can expect from Once Sapan A Time.

His strategy on the bird app

Verma has 1.5 million followers on Twitter, and like every other comedian has to deal with social media hate. He reveals how he games trolls.

The charms of singlehood…

He wasn’t considered a prize catch during his single days, Verma said, with winning self-deprecation. He hilariously uses online shopping as a metaphor to describe his desirability. He also sheds light on how difficult dating can be when you’re living with your conservative parents, and talks about the trials of sharing a bank account with his father.

…and marital bliss

Verma got married a couple of years ago. Naturally, that meant undergoing a lifestyle change. Among the new things he had to deal with were having multiple dustbins in the house, candles, face masks and squabbling over which TV shows to watch. He also tells us what it is like for a stand-up comedian to be married to someone with a “proper full-time job”.

Mental health is important

Verma talks about the time he saw a therapist to deal with stress before the launch of a show. He also narrates a rather heartwarming incident about receiving a call from a fan contemplating suicide.

The time he irked a political bully

This is easily the best bit of the show. Verma once commented on a politically sensitive issue in a YouTube video. As a result, he was visited by an individual from a political party known for its violent ways. The man refused to budge from the gate of his building until he had met Verma. It was a scary moment that ended in a comedy of errors.